Yet Another Helsinki Trip

One would think that after spending so much time in Helsinki, there is not too much to be discovered. Well, I’ve been proven wrong once again.

Need a place to crash?

It is a notorious fact that hotels and accommodation services in general are awfully expensive in Finland (comparing to mid-european countries or even Austria and Germany). What was my surprise when I learned from my contractor that my apartment costs only about 40 EUR / night and, that is the best part, it is only 5 minutes walk from Kamppi (central bus station located in the middle of the city). Sounds too good to be true, hey?

Well, as many other things in Finland, such miracles actually do exist and they usually are as good as they seem to be. I’ve just realized I haven’t taken any pictures of the apartment, so the plain old description will have to do:

TL;DR: it’s awesome, I can recommend it to fellow travellers. Check them out!.

The apartment consisted of a tiny entry hall (about 1 - 2 square meters), tiny bathroom (about 4 square meters) and one regular room, which could’ve been about 16 square meters. These tiny apartments are nothing unusual in Finland, yet this one was the first I’ve considered actually comfy.

The place had everything - cooker, refrigerator, coffee machine, dishwasher. Enough space to prepare and eat meals. Large double bed. TV, wireless. Washing machine in the bathroom….

Altogether, the apartment is just fine for a single traveller or a couple which returns only to spend the night. I can imagine that over a longer period of time the lack of proper “workspace” might become annoying and in case of a couple, the lack of privacy could become rather frustrating.

Those tiny moments

As any other place in the World, Helsinki have their moments of beauty. I had been lucky enough to catch a few of those during this stay - spring is obviously coming to Finland. Even if the sunny boulevards weren’t enough, the street artist performing Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (guess which parts in particular) was definitely the most welcome proof.

Yet, as a very close friend told me recently - “All the things must come to an end” - hence I took my departure to Vantaa airport and left the country once again.

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