Paris Spring 2015 in Pictures

It took a while, but I’ve finally went through all the pictures from Paris. Here they are, together with a few breadcrumbs:

  • I liked the shopping culture with all the bakeries, butcher’s, small groceries and no supermarkets;
  • I didn’t like the commercial feeling of Paris churches and cathedrals. Attended evening mass and even to me, an atheist, it felt like a bad joke;
  • Even on rainy mornings parks are full of people - yoga, jogging. Still wonder what was that passing-by girl shouting at me, smiling. It was in French…
  • Seeing armed soldiers in the streets and subway doesn’t make you feel safe;
  • A violin-playing elderly man brightens up rather dull train trip to the airport;

And last - except for the lady at the airport public transport kiosk, I haven’t met a single person unwilling to speak english or give a help to a tourist. Maybe I got lucky, maybe it’s just an urban legend :).

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