Postmodern Jukebox Tour

When I first ran into Scott Bradlee and his PMJ, I was thrilled with the talent of the musicians and true beauty of their work. When I introduced PMJ to my father, he was thrilled with the talent of the musicians and true beauty of their work. So, it was an easy choice to get tickets for their show in Prague.

Real music is still alive, baby!

We (the audience) were the proof of that. Mykal Kilgore told us, and considering his performance, he knows a thing or two about music. Well, all of us got we came for, and much more. Two moments in particular won the night for me.

First was Scott Bradlee’s improvisation. Given four names of bands or singers by the audience, he just started to improvise on their well known songs in the style we are used to hear from PMJ. To me, this moment proved geniality of the man once again.

The second moment, my personal winner of the night, happened during the late part of the show. Each of the performers had been summoned to do a short jam of their own. All of them had amused the audience in their own way, and all of them got well deserved applause. Yet there was one which, in my eyes, got a little further. Because one simply does not expect to hear Mozart at this kind of show.

During the evening Morgan James had shown us the quality of her voice, yet this was unexpected and simply astonishing. I wish there was a better record somewhere out there, but well, the one below will have to do.

Tonight's curtain call: a little "queen of the night" :) #pmjtour

Video zveřejněné uživatelem Morgan James (@morganajames),

And we got a bit more than just music…

You are too fabulous for only one husband

For a change, Ariana Savalas’ piece of advice for a girl of her own age (19, as we all heard and seen). Pretty much covers the other great trait of the evening. All the concerts I’ve seen up to date tried to combine music and show. Most managed one thing better than the other, I’ve heard some even fail in both (don’t go to these thougn). Well PMJ provided us with both. When I saw Ian Anderson in Pilsen couple years ago, well, that was a great performance. To this very day I don’t understand how he manages to play his flute whilst moving around the stage the way he does. His performance was for a long time the best thing I’ve had a chance to see. Up until yesterday.

PMJ did great job working with the audience. Intermezzos between the songs were commonly filled with laughter. It did not really matter whether it was Mykal Kilgore ostentatiously presenting his self-confidence or Ariana Savalas flirting with the two well-dressed gentlemen in the audience femme-fatale style. Chapter of its own was Casey Abrams, who, just like Ian Anderson, makes one wonder how the hell can he play and sing while jumping like that.

Altogether the whole group, including those not mentioned namely here, managed to make the audience feel welcome and important. We all certainly hope you are all coming back to Prague soon. ‘Cause you are too fabulous for not coming back. ‘Cause we are all about that bass…

P.S: No pictures today, because I’m the moron who forgot his camera at home and cellphone didn’t cope with the conditions (surprise, surprise).

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